We digitize all logo design styles and also after that appear samples for every as well as every patch price quote. We do not bill for making an actual stitched patch instance/ released patch instance. Making an actual sample free of cost is not offered by any type of other custom-made patch maker.


Our regular turn-around is:

-10 -12 business days for approximately 500 personalized embroidered patches with as high as 20K stitches.

-20 -25 service days for 1000 to 3000 custom stitched patches with around 20K stitches.

-35 -45 organization days for 4000 to 10,000 personalized embroidered patches with as high as 20K stitches.

- Rush 4-5-day turn-around at 50% added expense for approximately 200 custom embroidered patches with up to 20K stitches.

- Super Thrill 2-3-day turn-around at 100% added rate for around 200 Custom Patches custom-made embroidered spots with as long as 20K stitches.

* The over talked about turn-around time is identified after getting your signed approval.

* We use DHL that takes 3-4 days to give; in some cases, they take greater than 3-4 days.


Hot-Cut Edge also called Satin-Stitch Edge. Instead of the basic rounded sides, hot-cut emblems have sharp, comprehensive sides. Great for custom patches with fine levels of detail as well as additionally elaborate designs that in fact stick out!

Recommended for uncommon kind; kiss-cut or custom-cut form; we can not utilize Merrow-machine to do sides of a "celebrity" form logo design. We provide satin-stitch border at no additional expense. This is best for embroidered patches however does not deal with the woven spots.


Overlocked boundary furthermore called Merrow boundary. Overlocked border is the basic as well as likewise conventional technique for embroidered spots. First, we finish the embroidery after that reduced the embroidered patches using a collection of scissors. Afterwards we do the boundary; it requires additional time, and labor. As a result, we bill some added cost for Merrowed boundary.


Metal threads are offered in a number of colors just; they anticipate an appealing and beautiful appearance. It is extra costly than rayon viscose or polyester string.



Colors on a display screen frequently numerous than the ones on the PMS * color book; matching PMS magazine shades with on-screen shades does not work. To prevent this distinction, all embroidery solutions and producers of customized clothing labels utilize PMS.

When we make custom patches, we match any type of kind of thread or fabric tones with the supplied PMS color codes entirely free. Madeira, the biggest embroidery string brand name, has around 500 thread shades. There is one string shade for 6 Pantone shades.


We get produced consent for each customized patches or customized clothes identifies order for customized made spots as well as name tapes we request our clients to accredit the authorization kind by hand. We state all the info, PMS/ Madeira shades codes, and also link a photo of the pre-production example. If we fall short to generate specifically the similar final product, we revamp the whole/partial order. We similarly provide our installment plan or a full/partial refund. This is our very first concern to satisfy every customer.


Yes, this is 100% real!

If you call for merely one customized made patch for your personal usage, you go to the right place. We take orders for Custom Patches No Minimum!

Excellent Custom Patches has its one embroidery machines; that's why we are able to provide our customer the versatility to acquire custom-made patches no minimum. Below at Exceptional Personalized Patches, you can one, 5 or 10 spots for your extremely own requirement.

All Threads as well as Product Are Available Here!

Thread Options: Glow-in-the-Dark, Smooth Metallic, Twisted Metallic, Neon/Polyester with high shimmer, Fire Resistant, along with others.

Different Various Other Choices: Reflective material, Fire Resistant material, Real Natural leather, Really Felt,

Diamonds, and various other decorative options.

Please just allow us identify precisely what you need; we will definitely do our ideal to develop unique custom-made iron on spots for you!


Changing an art work (a logo design image) to a needlework data file called embroidery digitizing. We do not credit digitize a logo design for customized embroidered spots. The real worth for this option is around $30 for the small logo design layouts and also $150 for coat/jacket back logo styles, nevertheless we do it completely free!

Name tapes or name patches ordered in brief quantity like one or 2. In this case we bill $29 for 1 one-of-a-kind name embroidered spot with Iron on support.

Please place an order for custom-made Velcro spots and also see what we do. Any type of other custom-made spot producer would charge for this job, however we do not.


All logo designs are not good for embroidery; some logo designs have way too many little information, sets out, letters, as well as gradient effects. These kinds of logo designs are not "embroidery-friendly" We simply artworks to make them "embroidery-friendly". Please bear in mind that we are in addition have a needlework digitizing organization; that is why we are efficient the art work modification. You might not uncover a customized patch manufacturer with this attribute at the little cost.


Woven iron on clothes tags bring a sensation of premium quality and also long life to your garments. They have an ageless look that a lot more modern-day tags do not have, along with feature well with a variety of products. When designing your custom-made woven labels, there are a variety of items you can select for the tag itself. Below is a quick summary to among the most typically readily available sorts of product for woven product labels for garments:.

Damask: Damask has a slightly glossy, reflective appearance as well as additionally is the most typical material for customized woven labels. This artificial item has a limited weave, allows for terrific information, and likewise is soft as well as likewise flexible. These tags are resilient, simple to sew on, along with do not typically aggravate your customers' skin.

Satin: Satin customized woven labels are much shinier and also softer than damask tags. They have a delicate, extravagant feeling to them, and have a tendency to be the prettiest-appearing labels. They typically tend to be somewhat stiffer than the other tags, and also generally have a reduced string matter, however they are a lot less irritating to the skin than the other two products.

Taffeta: Taffeta has a dull seek to it, in addition to has a device thread matter that numbers between Damask, which has a higher count, and also satin, which has actually a reduced matter. This product frequently tends to be versatile along with long lasting, as well as is typically one of one of the most inexpensive option of the three. You typically locate these labels on canvas, bags or other items where it will certainly be subjected to rougher use than day-to-day usage garments.

We do not bill for making a real sewed patch example/ released patch instance. Making a real sample totally free of price is not offered by any other customized patch manufacturer.

When we make customized patches, we match any kind of kind of string or fabric tones with the offered PMS color codes entirely complimentary. We obtain produced authorization for each personalized patches or custom-made apparel classifies order for custom-made made patches as well as name tapes we request our clients to accredit the authorization kind by hand. We do not charge to digitize a logo design for custom-made stitched patches.